On 01.01.2016, the total fund Karaganda Regional Children's Library named after Abay is 132 314 copies., including the Kazakh language - 28 763 copies., including: books - 127 197 copies.  CD - 204 copies.  Periodicals - 4913 copies.

At acquisition of the book fund accounted: relevance, accuracy of information, the utility value. In the library are the richest collections of art books and children's literature writers Industry: Abay Kunanbayev, S. Begalin, B. Sokpakpaev, M. Alimbaev, M. Auezov, M. Kabanbaev, E. Elubaeva, S. Marshak, K. Chukovskii, N. Nosov, A. Barto and others.

Pride Foundation - books with autographs of famous writers of Kazakhstan and Karaganda region:  R. Seysenbaev, J. Kashkynov, E. Elubaev, T. Beysembek, V. Litvinov, A. Barkan, and many others...

Children we can find books on the most popular and interesting series "1100 kyzykty derek", "Balalarga bazarlyk", "Sen bilesin be?", "Altyn sandyk", "Atamura kitaphanasy", "Aқyldy ertegіler", "In the world of beauty ", "Around the World", "Why and why?" and others.

Library subscribes to more than 100 children's newspapers and magazines  such as "Altyn saka", "Alakay, balakay", "Aygolek", "Baldyrgan", " Balbylak", "Ertegіler elіnde", "Friendly Children", "Jolly inventor" "Little fellow", "Miracles and Adventures for Children" and many others.

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